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About ExpatPayroll: Complete Payroll Solutions
(Umbrella Solutions)

Are you looking for complete payroll solutions (umbrella solutions) in the Netherlands?
Do you want to hire highly skilled migrants yet be unburdened in every respect? ExpatPayroll is here to help you out.

Expat Payroll Services (Umbrella Services): The Wheat And The Chaff

The expat market is growing rapidly. Well-educated, internationally oriented talent is highly in demand. The question is: How do you properly handle the administrative and legal aspects of hiring expats?

From immigration laws to the Aliens Employment Act: those wishing to become recognized sponsors need to be aware of a wealth of regulations and obligations. Therefore, companies offering expat payroll services (umbrella services) should be able to provide them with proper advice and guidance.

The problem is, most payroll companies offer expat payroll services ‘on the side.’ This usually means that they lack the required expertise. As they are dealing with a dynamic, ever-changing legal area that is characterized by strict rules, this is a risky endeavor – one which may result in high fines, both for the payroll company and its clients.

Do you wish to hire highly skilled migrants? Then you’ll need to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is wise to work solely with reliable experts who offer complete payroll solutions (umbrella solutions).

Our Complete Payroll Solutions (Umbrella Solutions): Benefits Without Burdens

For years, ExpatPayroll has provided companies with guidance, unburdening them and helping them grow. We understand that labor law obligations pose too much of a hassle for them. Therefore, we take proper care of these, allowing you to fully commit to your main goals: doing business and attracting customers.

Since its foundation, ExpatPayroll has only operated in the expat market, providing complete payroll solutions (umbrella solutions) to a variety of companies. We work closely with immigration / employment lawyers and international tax advisors in the Netherlands, who constantly provide advice and intervene when necessary. As a result, we can ensure compliance, take away the hassle, and help our clients focus on their core activities. Additionally, we keep our rates transparent, so you always know where you stand.

Focused On The Future

Need deep insight into your payroll process, combined with compliance to new regulations and the agility to adapt to change? Our online platform allows us to anticipate and creates what’s next for payroll.

Need More Information?

Would you like to work with ExpatPayroll or get more information about hiring highly skilled migrants? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to discuss your opportunities.